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What is a Life Coach?

mountain climbing pairThough it’s shocking to believe in our digital, post Google world: there are still scores of people who ask the question, “What is  Life Coach?” And if your one of those persons who still finds life coaching confusing even though you’ve combed the web and heard the phrase a million times, I wrote this post just for you. Once and for all, I want to share with you 5  answers to the question, “What is a Life Coach?”

  1. A life coach is a highly trained skilled  professional who will help you manifest your full potential.
  2. A life coach is someone who is not afraid  to ask you the tough questions.
  3. A life coach is someone who believes in you and your ability to succeed.
  4. A life coach is someone who will hold you accountable for doing what you say you are going to do.
  5. A life coach is someone who will celebrate your victories with you and will help you strategize to overcome your defeat.

If you really want to live the life you born for, if you are ready to live inspired. You need a life coach to help you harness your personal power to live the life of your dreams. Still not sure that life coaching is right for you. Click the link below to take the quiz.



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