Hi, I’m Shenay Shumake and I’m a Life Coach to women who lead. I help women influencers live a deeper, fuller, richer and more satisfying life by empowering them to truly prosper in their souls.

As a Wife, Mother, Leader, Speaker, Inspired Life Coach to Women Influencers, Founder of Grow Workshops® where women bloom and a person who makes beautiful things I confess, I had been tempted to believe my own hype.

And yet, deep in my heart, I know for sure that I am – WE ARE so much more than what we do. Truth is, when it comes to big dreaming, fast moving, multi-tasking, high achieving, problem solving, world shaping women like us- our personhood can get buried beneath the barrage of titles, roles, performances and expectations.

I want to dig you out from under the rubble of your own self-imploded super hero assumptions, dust you off, fix your hair and hand you a cool drink with space to breath.

And once you’re refreshed…let’s partner together so that you can be empowered to live out your multi-faceted calling , accomplish your wildly important goals, fulfill your deeply meaningful vows and manage to live long enough to be a ripe old age despite the whirlwind of your accomplishment.


My clients are empowered through one on one conversations, group masterminds and full day intensives with me. In addition, I also offer valuable tools and resources on my blog where I post twice a week on the topics of Self Care, Thinking for Change, Productivity, Leadership, Team Building and of course, Family. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so that you don’t miss a single thing.

When I’m not coaching women who are conquering the world, you can find me, blogging here, or thinking of painting the house for the thousandth time. I love a good chat and meeting new people, so if you’re ever in my neighborhood let’s go shoe shopping! Can’t make it to Detroit, Michigan, that’s okay. In the meantime, would you care for a virtual cup of tea?