Try all you want to separate the two, but  your passion for life and your passion for business bleeds all over each other. You feel divinely inspired and uniquely called to have a legitimate presence in the market place and your way of sharing the message of the HOPE in your life goes beyond four walls and extends to putting your heart, soul and talents into this idea that is much too BIG for you to have come up with on your own.

You are JUST like me.

You’re “passionpreneur” a bold creative who dares to believe that it’s possible to create a business AND life you love.  

And not just any business, but a profitable one. And not just any life, but a superfluous life. { By the way, I just love that word “superfluous” it sounds so abundant!}

You’ve got so many ideas that your up all night. And every one of them seems good and God breathed. And you have no idea where or how to begin.  So you research those ideas and at some point in the process you hit a road block.

Maybe it’s something you don’t think you know or don’t think you have. I call this limiting belief.  Maybe you’re telling yourself  that now is not the right time. Whatever the reason, that idea gets put on the back burner until a new one comes along to replace it. But, what doesn’t get put on the back burner is the disappointment  and regret that you feel from not stewarding a great idea to the degree that it requires.

Great Idea + Inconsistent Action = No Traction

You may have heard it this way: information without application leads to frustration.

It’s a vicious cycle of consistently starting but never finishing. And you tell yourself that you’re an amazing idea generator but your follow through is horrible, so this entrepreneur thing is not for you.

And you desperately want it not to be, except those pesky ideas keep you up at night and you believe that this could be how you were born to serve humanity.

In my teenage daughter’s words, “The struggle is so real.”

You are not alone. I’ve been there and countless others have been too. And if it wasn’t for the not so gentle nudging’s in my spirit and heart, I may have given up on my dreams of being an author, speaker, coach and “passionpreneur.”  In fact, I did several times.

Finally,  I decided to do something with the tension. I decided to lean in to HOW to create a business and life that  that I was born for.  Finally, for the first time ever, I’m living and leading a life and business that I love. I’ve found my sweet spot and it’s sweeter {and more profitable} than I could have imagined.  I want the same for you so…

Work with me.

I’ve  learned a lot of lessons and and I’ve taken some notes along the way. I want to share them with you so that once and for all time, you can create a business and life you love too!